The Orange Raven Creative Crew is currently composed out of five international design & marketing experts, with 15+ years of experience in prominent European and international advertising agencies.

Our goal is to give you a top quality service for significantly cheaper price compared to your local "brick & mortar" creative agency. 

How can we do that and retain the HQ design and highest advertising standards?

Well, we are on-line freelancers, with no fancy office, without secretaries and cleaning staff on our pay-list ;)

Besides that, we are highly flexible consider anything related to our client's satisfaction - project price included!

Almost any creative project is totally doable solely via the Internet - so the distance between us is not a problem at all!

To get to know what creative work we could do for you - please check out our galleries with our works selection or contact us directly!


Mr. Sinisa Blasic

Orange Raven Creative Team